Friday, January 18, 2008

I can't believe I caved

For a long time, I was against bloggers and the whole blogging world. Even the word "blog" made me want to grind my teeth. One reason for this stems from many old-school print (not online, but print as in those newspaper things that used to get actual ink all over your hands) jouranlism professors telling me for years that bloggers are going to take away my job and ruin my journalism life.

How dramatic.

At the time when I was a freshman/sophomore in college, I thought their agruments were valid. It would make sense that if "regular" people started reporting the news themselves, why would there need to be an industry for it? Now that I'm a wise senior on my way to graduation, I say, "whatever, man." I'm sure they're all blogging about bloggers right now.

Another reason why I used to be "anti-blog" was because my freshman year roommate's jerk boyfriend used to say in a manner not unlike a British actor rejected by a Shakespeare play group, "I've been writing on my blog all day," "some other blog picked up my blog today," "bloggers are so much more right about stuff than journalists."

And so, I can't believe I caved.

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