Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's a sign of the times when...

I went to the ladies room this morning and I hear this "click, click, clicking" noise. It took me a few seconds to realize the woman sitting on the toilet in the stall next to me was typing on her blackberry.

Nightline...there's a sign of the times if I ever heard one.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Usual Quarter Life Crisis - The College Years

I've been stretched to the limits working on several projects this week: a couple of meetings, preparing my arguments for the libel cases we're discussing in my media law class, setting up panels for our journalism school, who's coming to Miami with us for spring break...

oh yeah, and job applications.

What was once a process I convinced myself I could start in April (because really all media organizations who put out job applications want you to start right away, right?) got the best of my curiosity and I started to look around.

I couldn't be more depressed after just a couple of days of searching through job list after job list. What began as a clam clicking, turned into a frantic pounding of the mouse and keyboard as I quickly polished my resume again and again and posted it like it's hot.

And I am limiting myself to nothing, only to the D.C. area for now. Just a sampling of what I've applied for: Executive Assistant for Discovery Channel, Brand Marketing Research Assistant for Travel Channel, Art-Media Designer for the U.S. Army, Producer at C-SPAN, and every job the AP had to offer in D.C.

So far, all I've heard back from is Discovery Channel. I didn't get the executive assistant job.

I'm gearing up for when I'm going to have the fated (and dreaded) conversation with my boss at ABC where I will calmly approach her on a lazy Friday afternoon and say "is there something for me here?"

Other advice I've gotten:

- One of my professors: Take the LSAT and see what happens. The scores are good for 5 years.

- Two of my best friends: We're moving to South Korea to teach English. Come with us!

- UMD's Spokesman for President Mote's office: I have a friend at Telemundo, but you should also consider the Peace Corps.

Bottom line: When I came to college, I had the clearest of clear ideas of what I wanted to do with my life. I was going to be the next Katie Couric, naturally. Now, as a graduating senior being pushed out the door, I'm more clueless than ever as to what I want to do. For someone who needs structure, order and plans in her life, I completely picked the wrong major to satisfy my personality comfort zone. But the journalism field does satisfy my brain. I feel in love with it because I knew I could learn every detail about something new every day and it sounded exciting to me.

My dream job would let me live and be based in the D.C. area and allow me to travel to exotic places all over the U.S. and the world to report, shoot, edit and produce material on culture, politics, food and people. I need a job that is above and beyond me and my upbringing on the Eastern Shore (aka the small town market doesn't really appeal to me anymore) and a job that's going to constantly stimulate my brain on a daily basis.

I heard that Anthony Bourdain on Travel Channel is looking for a travel mate in a worldwide contest to pick the best video resume.

Sigh...and the search goes on.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day is for the Rich & Single

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day. That's an under statement. I truly hate this "holiday."

Maybe it goes back to my bitter school girl days when queen bee popular girl Sarah Walter used to get giant white teddy bears, chocolates and ice skating dates with all the boys in our 5th grade class, and I got one Superman valentine cut out from the back of a Little Debbie carton.

I hate this holiday because I feel obligated to be emotional: if I'm attached, I'm supposed to feel mushy and gooey; if I'm single, I'm supposed to feel lonely and pathetic. Oy, what a waste.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against crying or showing feelings, I'm not that stone-cold. (If my friend Erin reads this, she'll read that as "Coldstone" which will kick in her undying love and craving for the creamy treat and she'll have to go to get some immediately. See, this day can be dangerous!)

Working in the media business, you naturally come across a lot of stories with suggestions on how to get you throw this dreadful day. The trend this season has been stories about two main topics: "Give Geek for Valentines: Forget the ring, get gadget bling" and "If you're single: Don't Be Down, Get Down - At one of these hot party spots to meet local singles."

First of all, several consumer reporters say the "hot ticket" suggestions for your love on V-day range from pink ipods, to Yankee decorated cell phones, to full laptop computers (Apple's Air is the latest), to new TVs and car details. Price tags ranging from $149 to $10,000. Spending ten thousand dollars for Valentine's day? I don't rake in a quarter of that on Christmas from my parents!

Second, being a member of or a regular caller on LavaLink is humiliating enough...who needs to do it in person? That just spells out awkward.

Seriously, let's get our priorities straight for the young and broke.

Whatever happened to the homemade coupon book and having your guy cook you dinner? Or "screw all men, we're getting drunk!" night out with your girlfriends? To me, that's a real V-day suggestion.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My College Bucket List

All the things I still need to do before I graduate in May...

In no particular order:
1. Break into Byrd to climb to the top bleachers (I've been told you can see the top of the Washington Monument from there).

2. Get a big mug at Big Ass Drafts - Cornerstone

3. Put laundry detergent in the ODK fountain (I already swam in it and I'll never do it again. It gave me an ear infection).

4. Stick my hand in a cow (the Holy Cow at Maryland's Dairy)

5. Play basketball in Richie

6. Get all gussyed up and go to The Mark (the "swanky" bar in College Park)

7. Play Midnight Baseball one last time

List to expand I'm sure...

3/10/08 - Big ass draft mug gotten and stylishly painted

Friday, February 8, 2008

Why I'll be taking the metro from now on...

In a previous post entitled "unwanted attention," I ran through a list of various men who creep me out on a daily basis.

Well, things got interesting this morning.

I drove to my parking garage this morning as normal. I haven't been to this garage in a while because I've been coming in very late or very early in the morning this week and it's either after the time of the "early bird $10/day special" (most other garages around here are $15/day) or it's not open yet.

So I maneuvered my big Toyota sedan down the dirty, dark, winding drive thru to the second floor of the underground garage where the parking attendants wait for your car. The guy who I spoke of in the previous post, the 40 something Latino guy who violently yells at the other attendants when they try to get my car for me and not let him do it, was waiting for me.

Guy: "Hello pretty. I get so happy when I see you, why do you think that is?"
Me: "Yeah, I'll be back around 6 today."
Guy: "Yeah, you know, you should come with me to get Mexican food sometime. Do you like Mexican food, honey?"
Me: "Umm, I'm late. Gotta go."

And I walked out very quickly. It's really a shame because it's the cheapest garage I've seen in the area but I don't want to end up being the clumsy girl in the horror movie.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Huckabee Wins West Virginia -- Super Tuesday Under Way

I know I'm going buck wild with posting today but it's been a while and I'm killing time until things start getting about 20 minutes or so.

It's Super Tuesday and the first one out of the gate is West Virginia. Their candidate of choice: Mike Huckabee, a candidate who hasn't swept up a win since Iowa and one who is a Christian who public supports Isreal.

So how did he win it? According to his website: "Our Founding Fathers, having endured the tyranny of the British Empire, wanted to guarantee our God-given liberties. They devised our three branches of government and our system of checks and balances. But they were still concerned that the system could fail, and that we might someday face a new tyranny from our own government. They wanted us to be able to defend ourselves, and that's why they gave us the Second Amendment."


To read more, check out ABC's Jake Tapper's story:

Sidewalk Merging

Maryland has a huge campus. We argue that we have the biggest quad in the country. UVA will claim that they have the biggest, but actually ours is better by 3 inches on each corner. The biggest problem with its size is that the campus itself isn't car or bike friendly so you have to walk everywhere most of the time. 35,000 of us have to walk everywhere most of the time -- and that's just students, not faculty/staff/parents/tours/conferences or other nonsense.

You can imagine why I have to do a lot of sidewalk merging. It's a lot like driving a car, only you're walking on the sidewalk but the principle is the same.

Like my lead foot behind the wheel, I'm a fast walker. I have long legs and I bounce when I walk (so I've been told) and that seems to propel me forward a bit. I wouldn't call myself an aggressive driver, but my commute certainly has made me a very frustrated one. By osmosis my frustration seeps into my walking ability as well.

I have to weave in and out of the slow walkers, avoid people who are texting because they're not watching where they're going and slow down when there's a jam -- usually at some steps. Most of all, I rock out to my ipod when I walk, just like I rock out to my car radio. I do manage to refrain from singing out loud though.

There are even exit ramps in sidewalk merging. The sidewalk will split off to another direction and a line of students will follow that way, and a line of students will continue to be in my way in front of me. It's not until I get to my local pathway that traffic calms down and I can relax a bit.

I notice this the most when I have to walk from my Politics of China class, which is in a building on the campus' mall, to my Human Sexuality class in the Public Health Building over by the campus gym. The walk takes a total of 12-30 minutes depending on foot and automotive traffic. It's during the campus rush hour too -- 11 am.

I would just get a bike, but that would be like driving a RV on a crowded school day.

I'd definitely vote for this guy

I don't know who Steve Novick is and I'll probably never meet him, but I would definitely grab a beer with him.

He's running for an Oregon Senator spot. Watch his campaign ad and all will be explained. You'll want to grab a beer with him too. You'll want to grab several beers with him.