Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'd definitely vote for this guy

I don't know who Steve Novick is and I'll probably never meet him, but I would definitely grab a beer with him.

He's running for an Oregon Senator spot. Watch his campaign ad and all will be explained. You'll want to grab a beer with him too. You'll want to grab several beers with him.



Liz said...

Thanks for your post Lauren. The Novick campaign appreciates it. If you know of any other bloggers or media that would cover our campaign ad, please email me at liz(at)novickforsenate(dot)(org)

Liz Kimmerly
Online Director
Novick for US Senate

Sarah Lane said...

You know what? I actually got to grab a beer with Oregon Senate candidate Jeff Merkley when Jon Tester came out from Montana to support Merkley.

Here in Oregon we have two great progressives running for the Senate, Jeff Merkley and Steve Novick. I decided to throw my support to Merkley because of his ability to push progressive legislation through the House. Oh...and he's the kind of guy you want to have a beer with ;)

Kevin said...

I got to have a beer with Jeff Merkley too. In fact we chatted about the issues at the bar for a while. I came away deeply impressed with his moral and ethical backbone and the fact that he gave me his undivided attention the entire time and actually listened to what I had to say. And I'm a nobody!

Steve Novick might be fun to have a beer with too. I really wouldn't know. I've met him too but he didn't seem interested in interacting with me.

Not sure that I'd pick a Senator based on whether I'd like to have a beer with him or not. Things like honesty and ethics interest me much more. God knows there are far too many dishonest and unethical folks in the U.S. Senate as it is. That's why I intend to vote for Merkley.

Fr. John-Mark Gilhousen said...

Tonight I had several beers with fellow Democrats at our local Super Tuesday party. Neither of our progressive candidates for Senate was there, but their race was a frequent topic of conversation.

Most of us favored Merkley, and a few favored Novick, but the consensus was clear... that the difference between the two was not over issues, or qualifications, but of style. Their policy positions differ somewhat with regard to specifics, but not a hair's breadth with regard to intended result. In other words, they both agree where we need to go, and have minor differences on how to get there.

The bottom line for most of us was that Jeff Merkley's approach is more likely to get us there, as evidenced by his strong record leading the State's House Democrat in the most successful and most progressive session in decades.

I'd still love to have a beer with Steve Novick, although he has yet to bother visiting my rural Oregon community. But, I'm going to vote for Jeff Merkley, and urge my neighbors to do likewise.

PDXPerspectives said...

Hey, Lauren, I've even BEEN to the Eastern Shore of Maryland! But I haven't been there for a lot of years. I had some family there then.

I have come to the conclusion that Merkley's a good guy but maybe a little bit more toward the center-left of the party, while Novick is a little more to the left. And I've decided to vote for Novick. He seems like a REALLY good guy, very quick and smart and funny.

But I'd have a beer with either of them. I'd even buy.

Jenni Simonis said...

I don't drink beer, so I haven't had a beer with Novick. But I did sit down with him over food and drinks at the Doug Fir and had the chance to chat with him for more than an hour.

It was one of the best discussions I've ever had with a candidate.

Thom said...

Aw, jeez folks... a little disclosure? Sarah, Kevin and alas even beloved Fr. John-Mark are so committed to Merkley that nary a one can miss a day without playing the M.bot.

Me? I'm a Novick guy. Maybe we could reinstigate a geek code a la "+hook/Q407" so that folks cold have a player card? Now Sarah, I'm not calling you out. I'm just recognizing you for the committed Merkley supporter who you are. Go ahead and plug your pro-Merkley blog...

Keven Kamberg of "Preemptive Karma" has a sweet blogging history with Merkley web mistress Carla Axtman. He is perfecting his pitch as a concern troll. Shucks, I think honesty is important. Jeff Merkley lied to me. Support my candidate. [please sense irony.]

Father John-Mark, you pitched in for Merkley a while back. Sin of omission?

My money is on Jeff Merkley, and I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work for him as the candidate for this race at this time... -Father John-Mark Gilhousen, Nov 10, 2007

Et tu, Pater?

RandaRosey said...

Steve is a pretty good guy to get a beer with, especially if you want to talk about politics. Pick any topic and the guy can tell you the history for the last 30 years, the major players involved and the strengths and weaknesses of each side. He is intelligent but fair, and I find that I usually agree with the conclusions. More then that, his style is a breath of fresh air. He is willing to give credit when it's due, and he doesn't hesitate to call it the way he sees it.

We could definitely use more politicians like Steve Novick.

Torrid said...

I don't think there's any doubt that folks from both online camps try to present a "fuller" picture whenever one candidate appears to be getting an uncontested ride. I personally think the folks assembled here are a little more obnoxious about it because they like talking about policy a lot less and supposed personal issues a lot more--but I would, I'm a Novick supporter.

I just got back from a DPO event where the majority of attendees were well established, some might even say machine Democrats. I think many of them are simply terrific people, which is partly why I like to watch them do what they do. But watching them also yields a close look at the apparatus of the state Democratic Party. Some people pull mostly good levers, some others I'm not so sure about--but no doubt that the people in the room go a long way towards shaping the active Democratic brand in Oregon. I wasn't able to get a vote total, but I do know Merkley's margin in that room was +5 votes. And there were at least 200 people who were there at one time, likely more. Call it 150 votes, maybe. So no doubt there's a spirited contest.

But is all that necessary just because someone really likes an ad that, frankly, just about everyone who's seen it has loved? She's got no idea who the guy is and doesn't care--she just likes the ad. Sorry, Lauren.

MichaelR said...

Saw the Ad and liked the guy ... that speaks to the effectiveness of how Steve and his crew are taking on the problem of getting his name and ideas into the minds of voters. With that favorable impression Steve can then segue into more and more position and policy talk.

This year's election is about change and inspiration. Novick delivers.

Garth said...

Both Merkley and Novick are good democrats who would be far better than Gordon Smith. But I think Novick would make the best senator. He's passionate about his progressive ideas, he knows his issues inside and out, he has a great record at the justice department (e.g. love canal), and he's a fun guy to hang out with.

I've known him for years, and I can't wait to see what he'll do as a senstor.

Robert said...

It appears that the demeanor of the candidates is coming under question. Well.....I have had the opportunity to serve Mr. Novick regularly in the grocery store I work (rhymes with Blue Treasons). Although he is always busy when he comes in, he has had a chance to answer questions. I want a Senator who can be direct and purposeful in his approach. I think the "have a beer with the candidate" was meant to be tongue in cheek. What we really need is a direct, honest, intelligent, hardworking approach and Steve embodies these qualities. He will have my vote in the primary.

Trish said...

lauren, your instincts are spot on. steve IS a great guy to sit down & share a beverage with, and discuss all manner of political issues, pop culture, you name it. and he brings to the conversation his quick wry wit and upbeat optimism. thanks for the kind words about my favourite political candidate.

Brandon said...

Wow, I am more impressed by the comments on this blog than anything else.

maloney said...

Unabashed Novick supporter here.

The first time I met him, I had a root beer with the guy, and he impressed me in that he seemed to actually listen to questions that were asked and took a moment to consider before answering.

While he, like anyone running for office, has a prepared "stump speech," he's very comfortable and quite engaging when answering questions posed to him. I've attended a good number of his events and he never sounds like he's just reciting talking points. I like that quality in someone seeking elected office.

isaacjosephson said...

Steve's brother lives here in NYC. He's friends with my sister-in-law. Don't know much about his brother other than he wears black long pants and long sleeves when he goes to the beach, and has good taste in music.

There is no point to this comment.

Ned said...

I would be happy with Steve or Jeff as an alternative to Gordon Smith. I believe that Steve has a better chance of beating Smith (Merkley's early Democratic Party money notwithstanding,) and being a more independent voice once he is our Senator.

We need a winner. Vote Hook!

msturbois said...

2 good candidates to have beers with. However I recall the Tester event had an admission fee and more for a photo op and the Novick events are meet and greet.

While I respect both candidates, Steve stands a little taller for me

Erin said...

I'll have a beer with you, Effy.

Athelwulf said...

Steve Novick visited Klamath Falls, where I live, back in October. Jeff Merkley, as far as I know, hasn't visited us at all, and he has no specific plans to do so. And it took his campaign a month to respond to my email looking to find out when he would be down here. Furthermore, I know of two ads for Novick, while I have found none for Merkley. I feel that Novick is working a bit harder to earn my vote. I respect that.