Friday, February 8, 2008

Why I'll be taking the metro from now on...

In a previous post entitled "unwanted attention," I ran through a list of various men who creep me out on a daily basis.

Well, things got interesting this morning.

I drove to my parking garage this morning as normal. I haven't been to this garage in a while because I've been coming in very late or very early in the morning this week and it's either after the time of the "early bird $10/day special" (most other garages around here are $15/day) or it's not open yet.

So I maneuvered my big Toyota sedan down the dirty, dark, winding drive thru to the second floor of the underground garage where the parking attendants wait for your car. The guy who I spoke of in the previous post, the 40 something Latino guy who violently yells at the other attendants when they try to get my car for me and not let him do it, was waiting for me.

Guy: "Hello pretty. I get so happy when I see you, why do you think that is?"
Me: "Yeah, I'll be back around 6 today."
Guy: "Yeah, you know, you should come with me to get Mexican food sometime. Do you like Mexican food, honey?"
Me: "Umm, I'm late. Gotta go."

And I walked out very quickly. It's really a shame because it's the cheapest garage I've seen in the area but I don't want to end up being the clumsy girl in the horror movie.

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