Sunday, February 10, 2008

My College Bucket List

All the things I still need to do before I graduate in May...

In no particular order:
1. Break into Byrd to climb to the top bleachers (I've been told you can see the top of the Washington Monument from there).

2. Get a big mug at Big Ass Drafts - Cornerstone

3. Put laundry detergent in the ODK fountain (I already swam in it and I'll never do it again. It gave me an ear infection).

4. Stick my hand in a cow (the Holy Cow at Maryland's Dairy)

5. Play basketball in Richie

6. Get all gussyed up and go to The Mark (the "swanky" bar in College Park)

7. Play Midnight Baseball one last time

List to expand I'm sure...

3/10/08 - Big ass draft mug gotten and stylishly painted

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