Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day is for the Rich & Single

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day. That's an under statement. I truly hate this "holiday."

Maybe it goes back to my bitter school girl days when queen bee popular girl Sarah Walter used to get giant white teddy bears, chocolates and ice skating dates with all the boys in our 5th grade class, and I got one Superman valentine cut out from the back of a Little Debbie carton.

I hate this holiday because I feel obligated to be emotional: if I'm attached, I'm supposed to feel mushy and gooey; if I'm single, I'm supposed to feel lonely and pathetic. Oy, what a waste.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against crying or showing feelings, I'm not that stone-cold. (If my friend Erin reads this, she'll read that as "Coldstone" which will kick in her undying love and craving for the creamy treat and she'll have to go to get some immediately. See, this day can be dangerous!)

Working in the media business, you naturally come across a lot of stories with suggestions on how to get you throw this dreadful day. The trend this season has been stories about two main topics: "Give Geek for Valentines: Forget the ring, get gadget bling" and "If you're single: Don't Be Down, Get Down - At one of these hot party spots to meet local singles."

First of all, several consumer reporters say the "hot ticket" suggestions for your love on V-day range from pink ipods, to Yankee decorated cell phones, to full laptop computers (Apple's Air is the latest), to new TVs and car details. Price tags ranging from $149 to $10,000. Spending ten thousand dollars for Valentine's day? I don't rake in a quarter of that on Christmas from my parents!

Second, being a member of or a regular caller on LavaLink is humiliating enough...who needs to do it in person? That just spells out awkward.

Seriously, let's get our priorities straight for the young and broke.

Whatever happened to the homemade coupon book and having your guy cook you dinner? Or "screw all men, we're getting drunk!" night out with your girlfriends? To me, that's a real V-day suggestion.


Brandon said...

Yeah, forget men!

Lost is on!

Erin said...

I just read this entry...and now I'm definitely thinking about Coldstone. It's been too long!!!