Friday, March 14, 2008

Did you hear that?

As many people both young and old have discovered Facebook and it's fabulous uses (for journalists especially - free photos of suspects!!!) they may also see how it's become clogged with useless groups and applications.

Except for one.

It's very rare there's a Facebook group I check every day to read the postings, but I discovered one last week that has continued to be a constant source of entertainment for me.

It's called "Overheard in CP." I'm not sure if this was started by The Diamondback feature or if the paper stole it off Facebook, but it's brilliant and hilarious and I'm sure there are millions of groups out there just like it, but since it's about an area I live in, it makes it all the better.

The group is for UMD students to post weird, disturbing or funny conversations they may accidentally "overhear" from listening to other college students while walking around College Park. The list includes people's cell phone conversations, drunk conversations, lunch line conversations -- and you'd be surprised how many students talk about the number of frat guys they've slept with in the lunch line.

Personally, I have not had the opportunity to contribute to the group's wall - which has over 500 postings to date from over 2,200 members - but it's definitely made me aware about what I say in public.

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