Friday, May 2, 2008

Feeling Anxious

Considering this has been a week when I haven't had any work due or a huge load of meetings to run to, I reach this Friday feeling like things are insane. And in some case they are a little crazy.

The house hunt continues. We have an application on a house that I LOVE near school, but I'm waiting for my other three roommates to fill out their applications. I continue to sign-up for appointments and go look at places, but this project of finding a place for us to live has been dumped on me. This is the first time I've ever done this, so I'm uncertain what questions to ask or what I should be concerned about, and often feel like I'm doing this alone, with only the guys' critiques to help.

My mom says that I should always turn on the shower and wait and see how long it takes for the hot water to come on. Smart, I guess...but awkward.

It's been hard also because the four of us want different things. There are personal preferences. Two of the guys are still going to school to get their masters at Maryland. I'm driving to Silver Spring everyday and the other guy thinks he's going to get a job in Fairfax, Va. You can imagine the fights over location, cost, and who is going to take the basement bedroom.

It makes me so nervous because we're dragging our feet and I feel like the burden has been placed on me. They all tell me they're too busy to help look or show up to appointments, well aren't I as well? I'm at the point now where I feel if I'm going to do the research, I'm going to pick the house, but that's not a good start to living with three stubborn guys.

Aside from that, I just signed my life away to Discovery this week, which in of itself caused a minor break down.

Address: Hmmm, well I guess I'll put down my parents address because I don't know where I'll be living when I start work at the end of May.

Tax forms: Dependent or not? Well I don't know. I'm currently a dependent under my parents but I won't be when I start work.

Bank account info: Well I think I'll be closing my account at home and opening one up here, but yeah I guess I need to get on that.

Health care: What do you mean I have to put in six months worth of work hours before I'm covered through work? I go off my parents' plan on graduation day.

"If you're going to change your address and bank information, you need to let me know ASAP," the Discovery woman tells me, "because every time you change your address, it pushes you back a pay period. Oh and if you choose to go with our health care plan and you have to change your address, it pushes your coverage back two weeks so we can update our system."


Aside from that, I have to wrap up projects for all the organizations I'm involved with and manage to write a research paper on Chinese education reforms (worth 40 percent of my grade for that class), finish my media law paper on FOIA, complete my health class journal/workbook, get through four finals and wrap up my internship at ABC all in the next two weeks.

My friends' advice is to just drink it off or say "Eff, just f-it. You're a senior. Have fun!" I suppose that helps on Saturday nights, but for the other times, I'm terrified. And that makes me anxious.