Monday, June 30, 2008

Settled In

So a lot has changed since I last posted almost two months ago.

I originally started this blog as a way to vent and to think and because I had a lot of really interesting ideas and questions turning over in my head, and keeping a diary just sounded a little bit like Babysitters Club (which I have every volume of thank you very much). I could blame my lack of entries on finals or too much going out to celebrate my senior year of college,

and some of that is to blame, but really it's just I got out of my system what I wanted to get out of it. I felt fulfilled for a while. But during a lull in my work day today, I read my friend Jess's blog about how she had to skip her marathon training for knee surgery and my other friend Melissa go off on her blog about being a libertarian, and felt the need to get back into it.

So for all four people who used to read this blog regularly, this is for you.

So yeah, I graduated from Maryland - yay!

aww friends...

But I don't get my diploma for another month. "Around August 14th" they told us, what a gip. I hope they don't spell my name wrong or something... although I'm pretty sure it would be quite tacky and certainly arrogant of me to put my diploma up in my cubicle anyway. Especially one with a fake third wall that the mail guys have to pick up and move out of the way every time they need to push the mail cart past the elevator.

So yes, cubicle means I did start my job at Discovery News, the online branch of Discovery Channel. Check us out on It's a completely different working experience than ABC. There's no rushing, there's no working weekends... I do miss that adrenaline rush of breaking news but I've got a pretty sweet deal going on and I'm so lucky.

The people have been fantastic. Just to give you a taste... we tried to have a team meeting in Second Life. My avatar is "Effie Baxton." It didn't work about because eventually my boss was like "this is boring" and that was that.

Tad and I got a house near our university with another friend of ours and I just finished moving in. I started my job the Tuesday after graduation so I haven't really had much time to get everything in order before I just dived right in. It's worked out really well so far. I even spent all Saturday doing yard work. It's like I'm a real adult or something. Weird.

Everyone keeps telling me that not being a college student won't really hit me until classes start in the fall without me. I certainly don't feel like my job is like an internship at Discovery, but it does feel like I'm just going through the normal motions of school-summer job-school-summer job... so we'll see. I only cried once about not being a student anymore and that's when I was standing in my bedroom and putting my graduation robe on for the first time.

I'm sure it won't be that bad, after all, I got my college id updated before graduation with a new picture and an issue date that says "Issued on 05/07/08" so I can still get the college discounts at cheap eats, ski resorts and maybe spring break when my vacation time kicks in.


Jess said...

Effron I didn't know you read my blog! (At least I assumed that was me you were referring too...haha) You are officially in my Google Reader!

Glad to hear things are going well for you at Discovery!

Erin said...

I <3 you. Please stop being so damn adorable.

Thought: when I get back in fall 09, let's take a trip. You'll finally have vacation days, I'll need a vacation to unwind from chasing kids around for a whole year. Kay? Kay.

isaacjosephson said...

Who screamed at ABC?