Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Being A Grown-Up Blows"

I couldn't have said it better myself, Ruth.

I just went two rounds with the receptionist at my new dentist trying to figure out why my account on my dental insurance wasn't coming up in the system. Turns out I was in a special, hidden insurance group specifically for contract workers. Well that would have been nice to know. I need to find a doctor too for my annual.

Can't my mom just take care of this? Can't we all just go back to the days when Tom Cruise was a heartthrob and POGS were cool?

I think that would have put me at around third or fourth grade, so 1994ish? But did you hear that CW Washington is bringing back 90210?!?! I digress...

I also cleaned the whole house yesterday - scrubbed, vacuumed, mopped - while my roommate Roberto mowed the lawn. I'm starting to resent the grass we have to cut, the flowers I have to water, the bills I have to pay (before all of my utilities and cable/Internet were included) and the miles more of floor I have now for dust and dirt to collect on. Makes me miss my old apartment. Almost. I do enjoy having two closets in my room, tons of cabinet space and nights without screaming, drunk freshmen crawling up Knox Road now.

And what's all this about paying $5-$6 for a beer? There isn't a dollar rail and long neck happy hour special to be found within a five mile radius of where I work.

See friends, I told you I turned 45. Ten dollars says Issac is going to leave a comment on this post saying something like, "Welcome to the big leagues."

Aside, UPDATE: some of you have been asking about what "work appropriate" bathing suit I ended up buying ... the surfing trip was canceled last weekend so I didn't need to buy a new one. Yet. Stay tuned for the rescheduled trip in September.


Erin said...

POGS were amazing but I was never entirely sure what to do with them. Somehow they all got lost in the shuffle of constantly moving.

Also...even in 1994, I preferred Hanks over Cruise. Sorry, that's just the way it is. (oh, no, actually it was all about Devon Sawa--whatever happened to that kid?!)

Jess said...

Devon Sawa was such a dreamboat hahah!

But man Lauren I totally hear that! My dentist just called and told me my claim didn't go through either...gahh...and I miss dollar rails....hell I even miss two dollar rails...paying $4.50 for a drink is never okay...makes me almost miss Bentley's haha

Samantha said...

I agree...I don't care how foreign your beer is...I don't want to pay $7 for a bottle.

and Devon Sawa was a dreamboat...I was a Brad Renfo fan at that time (Tom and Huck fame) but he DIED I feel really old.
And happy not to be a drug addict.

ndc1520 said...

Pogs were never cool. And I agree with Erin-- what were you supposed to do with them?

And Lauren-- you do realize that you still live like 2.5 miles away from the CP bar strip-- where 25 cent rails are a staple on Thursday nights at Turtle?