Monday, July 7, 2008

Feedbag Fun

Alright so I was pretty busy this weekend and didn't have a chance to post this over the holiday, but this is what I had planned...

Three of my male co-workers have a weekly podcast call the "Friday News Feedbag" where they banter and poke fun at each other, but mostly it's a place where they gather over the airwaves to talk about weird science stuff. Examples from previous weeks include a claw-toed frog found in Africa and how caffeine could one day cure MS.

It's extremely popular - they have over a thousand listeners - and just to give you a bigger taste of how popular, when one of them signed up for a twitter feed and used the cow symbol from the Feedbag as his icon, people started twitter following him like crazy. He didn't even have to reach out to anyone.

Last week, one of them was out at NASA doing a couple different stories and I was asked to fill in. Scratching the itch from my radio days, this is what resulted: Go here and click on the "Listen Now" button under Discovery News. I'm on the July 4, 2008 podcast.

I had a blast making it and it certainly turned out an interesting result haha. If you're interested in reading the stories I talked about in full, check them out...

Here - Mayfly

And here - Egypt

And here - Devil's Slide

Coming up in a later post - a recap of the best Fourth of July weekend ever, wild and wonderful (without west virginia).

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