Thursday, July 24, 2008

Goodnight Bed... Goodnight Chair...

That's what I said as I stood in my bedroom doorway at Commons apartment 3219 last night. Daozhong, Tad and I went over to move out the last of our stuff - mostly old bedding, a lamp and some winter clothes I had been storing there - to clean and to turn in our keys.

I couldn't help but feel a ping of sadness as I turned and locked my bedroom door for the last time and took a long look around the common room before heading to the front desk.

This was a place where Dao and I swapped stories until 3-4 in the morning and how she quickly became someone I had heard of to one of my closest friends.

It's where Sam Grieder and I got the great and powerful Andrew Friedson to swallow his pride, knuckle down and make tiny christmas cookies with us - and enjoy himself.

It's where Tad and I discovered the best beer pong table in the world, hidden behind the couch.

It's where we hosted a wild wine and cheese party that went to 3:30 in the morning.

It's where Diamondbackers and SGAers awkwardly congregated after publicly tearing each other apart all week, only to end up shaking hands and giving out hugs over cheap beer and manishevitz well into a Saturday night.

It's where I broke down and allowed Ashley and Sara make me watch Sex and the City - and enjoy myself.

It's where millions of cupcakes were made.

It's where we assembled 61 exam baskets for a SPJ fundraiser.

It's where Sam and I watched Dao climb on the furniture when she was stressed, and where we died my hair red when we were bored waiting for her one Sunday.

It's where the nickname "blackheart" was born and Erin and Melissa howled as they planned out what bridesmaid colors they wanted to wear to my wedding.

It's where one crazy roommate - who shall remain unnamed here - threw grapefruits at my bedroom door when she got mad at me.

It was the place I was referring to when I told my mom, "I'm leaving and going back to my real home," when she and I got into a fight one night in Cambridge over winter break last year.

It's where I studied, wrote, slept, laughed, cried and thought. It's where I lived for two years.

Apt. 3219 was small and cramped but it was a safe haven and a big part of my growing through the two most stressful years of my college career. I'll always look back on it fondly.

NOTE: Sara is not naked... just wearing a strapless shirt.


ndc1520 said...

I remember that picture being taken-- because I was talking to someone in the living room and nobody told me to come get in the "sga picture." ouch, lauren. ouch. haha

Lauren Effron said...

hey look... i tried to find a photo that included as many people as possible in the apartment and the truth is I don't take enough pictures haha. I'm sorry Nick!

Lauren Effron said...

and if it makes you feel any better, Tad and Andrew were also there and didn't make it in either.

Jess said...

awe Commons...good times were had by all...I remember one crazy Halloween...

Tad said...

i dont know about the BEST beer pong table ever...but for a plank of wood behind the couch it did alright.

Melissa said...

you skank-its also the place you've baked lots and lots of brownies...that erin and i have subsequently scarfed down

Lauren Effron said...

I'm confused... how does that make me a skank?

weisskies said...

simply because i said so, love