Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday NASA

I'm not turning into a big space nerd, honest. It just so happens that NASA's 50th Birthday is today so I have been spending my days at Discovery up until this point combing through NASA archives.

I thought this photo was incredible. It's Endeavour being flown from California to Kennedy Space Center, Florida in 1991. Imagine looking up in the sky and seeing that fly over your house! Better yet, imagine being on the plane knowing there's a space shuttle a foot away from your head?

oh yeah, and here's Discovery News' Top 5 NASA Videos:



Erin said...

It's like a mama and baby.

Or shuttle-plane sex.

I can't decide.

Lauren Effron said...

Hahaha oh Erin, I can always count on your witty commentary to be waiting for me when I get into work in the morning.