Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"We'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow"

I didn't go down to Kokomo, but that was definitely the motto for this year's Fourth of July.

It started off with a typical Thursday work day followed by typical pre-holiday sitting in traffic. Took my friend Nick and I over three hours to get back to the Eastern Shore (I can usually make it in a hour and a half), but we had striking conversations about politics and religion where we disagreed on everything from abortion to gay marriage to the Catholic church.

"I find that when I'm sitting around the apartment drinking or just hanging out with friends or what not, the conversation always turns to religion and politics," he said to me as I was forced to turn off my cruise control when we got outside of Annapolis. Why is there always back-up outside of Annapolis?

Friday came in a muggy, sticky, mostly cloudy Fourth of July with the usual threat of rain. No matter, I spent the day stuffing my face with mom's homemade potato salad at our family BBQ.

Tad, Nick and I had a rousing game of horseshoes in the backyard while the parents chatted about property taxes and my sister and her high school crowd pretended to be too cool to play horseshoes. No one is ever too cool to play horseshoes.

Now this would be the first summer BBQ where it would be legal for me to have alcohol. My parents were the exact opposite of those parents who let their children try sips of wine or beer. Not mine. Mine grounded me for three months in high school when they heard from a friend's aunt's neighbor that I had tried alcohol.

So anyway, my mother took this as an opportunity to make a big deal about it this year. Last Monday, (keep in mind the BBQ was still five days away) she called my cell when I was work and when she couldn't reach me, she called my boyfriend and this is how the conversation went:

Tad: Hello?
Mom: Tad? It's Ms. Kathy. Listen, what beer do you kids drink?
Tad: What?
Mom: I'm at the store. I can't reach Lauren. I'm getting you beer for the BBQ. What do you want?
Tad: I..uh...I..umm
Mom: Well do you want it or not? Just tell me!
Tad: Uhh...Cor...Corona...I guess...
Mom: Extra or Light?
Tad: Extra?
Mom: Thank you. Don't worry, I won't forget limes. *Click*

At the BBQ, my mother was all a twitter over trying to get us drunk, like she was trying to say to me, "Well Lauren, now that you're over 21, it's perfectly okay for you to get smashed with your friends." At one point I had to tell her, "No mom, I'm good. I don't want to drink anymore."

Loving life, Nick?

Our fireworks in Cambridge were rained out, but we did manage to help the neighbors light their fence on fire by setting off fireworks in their back yard. We also burned some plastic into the road pretty well.

I got up early on Saturday morning and Tad, Nick and I headed up the road to Stamford, CT for our friend Corey's graduation party. The drive was pretty uneventful until we hit the GW Bridge traffic and sat for so long that I couldn't wait and had to stop in Greenwich because I thought my kidneys would explode before I could use the bathroom. In case you were wondering, the uniform in Greenwich is polo shirt, kaki shorts, white sweater wrapped around the shoulders and raybans.

So finally we got to Corey's where the full stocked bar - complete with Polish Vodka and a Beck's keg - got some exercise. Eventually, everyone drank so much we convinced Corey's entire family - including her old Hungarian grandmother - to play flip cup with us. It was just has hilarious and amazing as you are imaging it to be.

Sunday was spent laying around on her deck overlooking the Long Island Sound, breakfast at Corey's favorite diner, and then out on her parent's boat for a while where we dined on fine cheeses and leftover Beck's on the front of "Lucifer." Ah, now there's a life!

Tad's artsy photo

Umm yeah... it was definitely before noon haha

I still regret not bringing my camera with me out on the boat - I was convinced I would lose it in the water - because a shot of Corey and I jumping off the side of the boat into the dark, frigid water of the Long Island Sound would have been Facebook profile-worthy for sure.

Eventually, Tad, Nick and I had to say goodbye to Connecticut and get back on I-95 South. We didn't run into many problems except that Jersey still smelled horridly awful most of the way and we lost all visiblity driving through a "hurricane" in Baltimore.

Along the way the discussion turned from Miley Cyrus and "Name That TV Show Theme Song" to politics and religion, specifically on what we disagreed with the Catholic church. Somewhere around exit 71, we watched a small town set off a brilliant fireworks display as we drove down the interstate.


Jess said...

Nothing like a rousing I disagree with this, that or the other teachings of the Catholic church to make time stuck in traffic fly by haha

sounds like a fun weekend!

Brandon said...

The backup east of Annapolis is due to the two lane merge before the severn river bridge.

Erin said...

Cute bathing suit! And for a minute, I thought that shot was of *your* legs and wanted to recommend a good waxer... ;)

Tad said...

you can NEVER be told cool to play horseshoes. also, what are you trying to say about my legs erin?