Thursday, August 7, 2008

America's Dying Cities, the Tumbler, and a Cougar on Campus But Not

Here you go, waste some time here with these cool stories:

Forbes did a big Top 10 expose called "America's Fastest-Dying Cities: In Pictures" and Ohio took four of them - by far more than any other state.

Obvious city on the list - Detroit, Mich.

City sad to see on the list - Office beloved Scranton, Pa.

Oh how I wish we had the budget to cross the Atlantic, because this would be a FANTASTC Discovery Tech story - Someone over in Europe with way too much money and time actually built an exact replica of the Tumbler from Batman Begins/Dark Knight. Wow. I want. It could eat my parking garage - and the $50/month is costs to park there - for breakfast. Question is, is it a hybrid?

Also, not only can't college kids spell, they can't properly identify big cats either. The reported "cougar" on my alma mater's campus was actually a Savannah cat. Cougars don't have spots, for one. Duh.

and a Fark - Mexican Woman Fights Off Lion With Machete - sounds like a scene that should be on the side of a stoner van not a real life action sequence.


Jess said...

Hold on...that's the cat that had everyone in a tizzy??? Realllly?

Lauren Effron said...

It was a lot bigger...they can grow to be 35 pounds, so like small dog size, which is how big the one sighted in CP was. However, still not a cougar.

Tad said...

scranton's not dying - its going from coal to cool!!!!!!

also, i want a tumbler.