Thursday, August 28, 2008

And now on politics...

I choked-up during Biden's speech last night and I am re-energized.

I think it has to do with the fact that I am now fully, completely and consciously aware of the presidential process. I have had an active part in it since August 2007 when ABC kicked off the first presidential debate - but as we inch closer to November, I continue to get more excited and less lethargic.

Biden, not just a representative of Delaware but also the whole Delmarva area - which I fall into being form the Eastern Shore - certainly helped.

In the 2004 race I was barely old enough to vote. I wasn't a fan of neither George Bush nor John Kerry anyway so I was disinterested and any election before that was off my radar, leaving me bored by politics and finding civic engagement dull. Yet, I managed to double major in it with journalism. Hmm. Didn't think about that until just now.

Now I'm engaged, glued to Drudge, Politico and various others on a daily basis and most of all, excited, hopeful, because I can feel what my parents were talking about with Kennedy. In turn, I become deeply soured during conversations with my 18 year-old sister who tells me, "I don't understand politics. Registering to vote is worthless because I'm neutral on everything."

"You're wrong!" I say, "CARE!" I say. What a leaf I've turned.

Regardless of who's got the nomination and what I'm registered as (Republican - though I think I'm really just a closet Democrat... or maybe a Libertarian) it's so much beyond that. It's knowing I have been a part of history and made it happen. We all have. For the first time, my generation can add politics as something "never been done before" to our list of stories for the grand kids. Who would have ever thought.

My friend Erin said it perfectly on her blog:

"Seeing the unity and diversity at the convention has been positively inspiring. And at no time was it more apparent than this afternoon, when the first female Speaker of the House led a roll call which was ended by the first serious female Presidential candidate to nominate the first black Presidential candidate. It's amazing."


Erin said...

Tonight I am truly proud of my country. Or at least of the Democratic Party.

We'll see what happens in November...

Brandon said...

I really don't care who wins anymore. I like McCain and Biden - Obama and Palin are decent.

Tad said...

just to let you know - you're defintely not a closet libertarian