Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best. Flip Off. Ever.

I was driving on I-495, which I only have to be on for three exits when I'm coming back from my parents' house, and as I came off of Rt. 50 West to get onto the beltway, an old black Corolla came racing up behind me out of nowhere.

The woman with crazy brown hair and sunglasses kept riding my ass - I was already going 75 to get up to the speed of traffic - so I decide to move over into the next lane on the left to get out of her way.

She rides up beside me on the right side, even with my car.

I glance over and I see her screaming, "F%$&!!! S&#T!!! F#@%&*G B@##H!!!! Get the F$&K OFF THE ROAD!!!!!" or something to that effect at the top of her lungs as she bangs her middle finger against the driver side window. This continues for another couple seconds before she takes off, passes in front of me, and races all the over to the HOV lane.

As she moves, I notice that she has something hanging on the inside of her backwind shield. It's a big yellow sign that says, "CAUTION: BABY ON BOARD."


ndc1520 said...

Nominee for 2008 Mother of the Year Award

Tad said...

and that baby grew up to be satan