Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cop Commits Fraud For Bigfoot Hoax

I'm much more surprised - and impressed - at the great lengths this cop took to get media attention than I am that the "legendary ape-man" was fake. I know, me and the rest of the world.

Thawed Bigfoot 'Body' Just a Rubber Suit

More surprising - even though the cop will probably get laid off and have to pay a fine/do time, researchers still paid him for the 'body.' Really? Although, my boss had a really good point, "well, you dont' want to miss a new species on a technicality."


It got me thinking though as to why this got so much attention. We joke about August being a slow news month but let's stop for a minute and think about all the "professionals" who were interviewed for this story -, Squatchdetective Radio, Searching for Bigfoot Inc... the list goes on.

Bigfoot isn't alone either - Lockness, Chupracabra, and many others.

While I find it hilarious and a little bit sad that people have taken enormous lengths to have websites and radio shows devoted to mythical creatures and urban legends, it's also inspiring to see us wanting to believe in something - no matter how outrageous. We don't want to be told all of the Earth's mysteries are solved and that we'll never find a unicorn in the woods some day.

Mythical Unicorn Found... in Deer Form

So what does that mean? Are people just crazy? No, at least ten million people read/heard the Bigfoot story, so maybe we're just looking for excitement in the daily grind, something to talk about, think about and hope for. Some days it takes a big man to fill those shoes.

If you ever do see the real Bigfoot though, don't call 911.

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Patrick Roberts said...

i'm still trying to figure out if "Sasquatch" is Bigfoot's name, or if that's the name of his species... man i need to get in the loop