Monday, August 4, 2008

God Drives A Champagne-Colored Jaguar, XJ Class

On my way into work this morning, I was coming to the last legs of my commute at the intersection of Philadelphia and Georgia, when low and behold, I ran into God.

I slowed down to the red light and I pulled up behind a beautiful, and I assume fairly new because it was so shiny, champagne-colored Jaguar. I always take special note of these cars because it's my mom's secret passion in life to own one by her 50th birthday and she has sighed over brochures since I was two.

Since it's such a long light, I was able to take my time scanning over the frame, wondering what Mom sees in such an old-fashioned thing. Naturally, I was curious about the driver too.

From what I could tell, she was a middle-aged black woman who throughly enjoys cigarettes at 8:40 in the morning and obviously doing okay for herself.

Completing my scan, my eyes landed on the license plate as sort of an afterthought - It read: "ITS GOD"

I've started carrying my camera around with me for such blogging occasions, but I chickened out on taking a picture of the plate. I was afraid of how "God" might smite me and also I think it may be illegal.
Photo not taken by me.

It got me thinking about a story WTOP's Mark Seagraves told me he did once on the crazy vanity license plate requests your local DMV gets on a regular basis and what standards they have to allow such a request go through - and they're high and thorough. One man requested to have the chemical compound used in the gas chambers during the Holocaust put on his plate, but the DMV checked it out and denied it in time.

I wonder what the average person thinks about when paying the extra $25 (in Maryland) or $10 (in Virginia) to have their car branded.

This particular woman just proved to me Ellen Degeneres was right all along:

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