Thursday, August 21, 2008

"I Think-I'll Have My Staff Get That For You"

That was McCain's response when Politico asked him how many properties he owns. The rumor is somewhere between four (according to staffers) and seven (Newsweek).

Obama camp's response? An ad. With a lot of "hmmm's" in it. That was fast, guys, but it sounds a little like Sesame Street: "McCain has seven. Seven houses! Ah, Ah, Ah!"

Gov. Tim Kaine (D-Va., Obama supporter, rumored to be on Obama's VP list) had an answer for the confusion on CNN. "He can't count high enough." Watch the video HERE.

That's not my favorite part though.

"McCain’s comments came four days after he initially told Pastor Rick Warren... [McCain's] threshold for considering someone rich is $5 million... [later] McCain did not offer an alternate number, but had a new answer ready.

'I define rich in other ways besides income,” he said. “Some people are wealthy and rich in their lives and their children and their ability to educate them. Others are poor if they’re billionaires."

Oh god, I uhh... sorry I thought I was going to throw up there for a second. Still good.

(Special thanks to Drudge Report for flagging these together - I heart you - and ABC News for making Drudge and pointing me in the direction of the video. Oh yeah, and Politico for the scoop.)

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