Friday, August 1, 2008

The Shorts Suit

I only heard about this because I thought I was being funny with making fun, but instead I almost had my words for lunch.

A co-worker of mine came strolling into work this morning wearing shorts, but not just any shorts. Indeed, Matt was wearing shorts he had made from cutting off the legs on his skinny jeans. Rocking the frayed and fringed edges with the sleek pant legs, he just looked at me and said, "What? I needed some shorts."

Aside from the fact I believe guys over the age of 12 should be banded from wearing jean shorts (no offense Matt), wearing shorts to work in general is traditionally frowned upon in the professional world. But of course, Matt had a counter argument that I couldn't find a good defense for, and as usual, Matt - being from Brooklyn - presented it to me all wrapped up nice in a New York Times piece that ran yesterday.

Presenting the newest fashion trend to come out of Bazzi, DG and Prada - The Shorts Suit

The picture above says more than it all - I specifically enjoy the male in grey on the left, he just optimizes what this look says to me: lights, camera, I'M AWKWARD. With the pant legs cut off and dress shoes without socks to match, how can you be taken seriously?

I find it hard to imagine that guys across the business nation are going to be sporting this while looking a Japanese billionaire square in the eye and saying, "You won't regret this deal with us, Mr. Yoshi."

And what do we even call this look, this "shorts suit"? Business Metro? The interviewee in the article claims they are just simply combining fashion with comfort because it gets hot in the summer time.

"For Mr. Avery, a man in a shorts suit is no more startling than a woman in a miniskirt," it reads, and it goes to say even hospitals are starting to accept shorts as part of the uniform.

Why not bring back the seersucker? It breathes well and is more attractive than having your male doctor's hairy legs be the last thing you see while laying face down on the operating table before they put you under.

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Erin said...

This could be a new summer twist for Tad...

Lauren Effron said...

oh god no, please

Tad said...

i like the way erin thinks...lets go shopping lauren!