Monday, August 18, 2008

WE GOT THE BIGFOOT SCOOP... and more on Jeddah

It continues.

And so did everyone else, but I'm just lovin' this and we need the clicks :)

"The promised evidence for Bigfoot DNA turned out to be an e-mail from Curt Nelson, a University of Minnesota scientist who analyzed DNA samples provided by the two men. Nelson said one of the samples came from a human, the other from an opossum. The presenters sidestepped the issue by saying that is what their Bigfoot must have recently consumed."

Full story from Discovery News HERE.

And, Top Ten Reasons Why Bigfoot Is A Hoax.

I gotta say though...those guys at least had a plan and it's also proof cops on leave/suspension should be given busy work, not sent home to sit around. They obviously start getting ideas...and thinking...and planting big foots...

And as for an update on Jeddah the missing dog. I learned from News Channel 8/ABC 7 producer aka "awesome" Sam Laz further details...the dog was supposed to go to Afghanistan to "serve" with the U.S. military. Samantha and I chatted about this on the drive to the E.Shore yesterday. Here's a reproduction of our dialogue:

Me: "So tell me how the dog got out again?"
Sam: "The airport messed up the crate and the dog got away."
Me: "What do you mean the airport messed up the crate?"
Sam: "I don't know...they put the dog in the crate wrong or switched the crates or something and it got away. Lucky it did too because it was headed to Afghanistan."
Me: "Afghanistan!?"
Sam: "Yeah, remember?"
Me: "Well then I'm pretty sure that dog had a plan to escape. She probably was whispering to all her other dog buddies at baggage claim saying, 'I can't take it man. I just can't do it. I'm freaking out!'"
Sam: "I bet she was like, 'what the eff? I'm a dog! I don't have to serve!' and made a run for it."
Me: "What did she tunnel her way out of the crate? I still don't understand how an airport says they 'messed up' the crate."
Sam: "Maybe she chewed threw the bars?"
Me: "I'm sure she saw the sticker on her crate that said AFGHANISTAN and said oh hell no and then slipped the baggage loader guy a fifty and said, 'You gotta get me outta here man.'"
Sam: "Oh yeah, here's baggage claim guy, 'oh, umm yeah, the crate just uhh just got messed up. Or something.'"
Me: "Yeah, she totally paid him off."
Sam: "I saw a picture of the dog, thing looked like a freaking dingo, with pointed ears and everything. I'm sure it was like 'fuck no, afghanistan! I'm from the wild and I'm going back!"
Me: 'Flying bullets? Shit no, I'll just go live in the bushes of D.C.!'
Sam: "Yep. Now she's skuzzy... and remains at large."

In case you were wondering... according to Sam, only Channel 8/ABC 7 covered it. Exclusive stuff, News Team.

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