Friday, August 22, 2008

Joe McCain Gives Out Hugs

While gchatting...

Samantha: I just got a hug from Joe McCain, john mcCain's brother

Samantha: and all i could think about was whether or not he's the older or younger brother

me: what???? where??!

Samantha: yea, he's a guest on newstalk today. im not producing it but i was introduced to him. yea, random

me: how did you give him a hug? did you get a photo?

Samantha: no we were talking and i said i had to go back to work and he's like "no you dont. you need to know what a deadline is like hahaha" and gave me a pull in kinda of side hug.

me: what!?!?! thats adorable.

me: i can't believe you told john mccain's brother you had to get back to work

Samantha: it was super awkward. joe mccain, the host of the show and a reporter were talking beforehand. i was just standing. i thought it was an okay move.

me: what to just jump in? you're amazing. and ballsy. so like you were standing on the set? hanging out? how did you get into the conversation?

Samantha: i was pulled in. "come meet the anchor's real boss."

me: what did you do?

Samantha: i just laughed and tried to not be completely awk.

me: you flirted with him didn't you, you saucy minx.


me: well?

Samantha: NO

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