Monday, September 29, 2008

Death May Not Be Death As We, The Living, Know It...

How do you determine if someone is dead? No pulse, no brain activity, no muscle response and a smattering of other bodily functions lacking in, well, function.

But those are all physical or medical terms to describe death. What about emotionally? I'm not talking about expressing death in an interpretive dance or in an Edgar Allan Poe poem. What I mean is how does the mind die? Or does it?

There's a distinct difference between the mind and the brain when we're alive so can your mind live on after the brain has shut down? We don't know, but someone is researching it.

In a somewhat heavy edition of Discovery's Friday News Feedbag radio show, the guys interviewed Dr. Sam Parnia, the head of the Intensive Car Unit and director of the "Human Consciousness Project" at the University of South Hampton Hospital in England. They're studying people who have had "out of body" experiences while on the operating table.

The Feedbag guys don't get to the facinating interview until about nine and a half minutes into the show, but the whole thing is an incredible listen. It gave me goosebumps.

You can get it online HERE.

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