Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Don't Snoop In My Trash Can

I still bring little fruit cups to work with my lunch because a) it's a healthy snack that actually has little nutritional value outside of making me pretend I'm snacking healthy and b) I'm five.

For those who know me understand that ballet was my weakest sport because I'm impulsive, clumsy and awkward, but in my defense, Dole should not fill-up their fruit cups with so much fake juice corn syrup. The result is a sticky desk.

To solve this problem, I have resorted to cracking the lid on the fruit cup, leaning over and dumping the juice in my trash can before I eat. Today, I have pineapple. I hope the cleaning ladies don't think I use my trash can as a toilet.

In other news...

Yesterday I received a frightening gchat message from a friend:
"woman! you're blog is too biased!!! if you ever want to work in politics again, add the Republicans!!!"

To which I replied: "but I'm registered Republican. Isn't that enough to balance it out?"

1 comment:

Tad said...

or you could just drink the juice....what?