Friday, September 12, 2008


One of our listeners from the Discovery News podcast - Friday News Feedbag - made a cartoon of Will, James, Jorge and I (I'm a fill-in when one of them goes on vacation).

It's a bit primitive but certainly more impressive than any animated cartoon I could ever do.

Watch it here!

Also, now the Friday News Feedbag is a family affair because not only do we showcase emails Will gets from his mother, but also MY DAD was a guest on the show last week to talk about earwax (he's an otorhinolaryngologist aka ear, nose, throat doctor or as my coworkers say Trigechtasourus because they can't pronounce otorhinolaryngologist.) Anyway, dad was FANTASTIC and certainly schooled those Feedbag boys.

To listen to it, go here, and click Listen Now under Discovery News: Friday, Sept. 5.

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