Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain's Speech Recap

No offense, McCain supporters, this was all in fun, but hey, you're the ones with the giant "Biden Gaffe Clock" front and center on your website so it's only fair that my house took our own tally last night...

Longest word John McCain used in his speech last night: transportation

Second longest: technologies

Most complicated/impressive word: technologies

Most impressive vocab word: rancor

Longest vocab word: ambitious

The green screen was actually: a zoomed-in shot of a massive green lawn in front of the Walter Reed MIDDLE SCHOOL in North Hollywood, California. Top interns you have there, McCain campaign.

Number of times the word "experience" was used: 3

And for more on that, we go to Jon Stewart:

The New York Times just came through again with another one of their amazing "word cloud" articles. Here's a recap of which speakers used which and how many words in their speeches during the conventions.


Erin said...

you should have kept track of how many times someone said "country first," as if to imply that Obama and Biden will just hand us over to the terrorists.

and "washington is broken" and "old washington"? GIVE ME A BREAK. mccain is more "washington" than obama AND if they all hate us so much, why do they all want to come here? (great story in the post a few weeks ago about this)

Alia said...

I just found your blog and I love it! Thank God you posted that Daily Show clip, I cracked up when I saw it a couple of days ago. Jon Stewart is finally funny again.

Lauren Effron said...

Erin - well it was more like i began to realize the language mccain was using was really simple so we started keeping track... it wasn't an agenda we went in with hahaha.

Alia - I know what you mean, I just back into watching him of late