Monday, September 15, 2008

The Mink Wedding

(photo credit: pouya dianat. I know. I want him to do my wedding photos too.)

Instead of launching into a detailed story, I'll just highlight a few play-by-plays of my favorite moments from the wedding of my good college buddy Ryan Mink to his new bride Kristen Hoven. As Ashley put it, the wedding was totally them - bubbly, different and a hell of a lot of fun. Here's what was touching, interesting, and/or bit unorthodox as far as weddings go:

*Just so there's no confusion... most of us went by last names when we worked together at The Diamondback so I call Ryan "Mink," he calls me "Effron," etc.*

- It was hot. And sticky. Especially for September.

- The bride looked GORGEOUS in her off-white, long, strap-less, beaded gown.

- LOVED her colors: Hot pink and white.

- Mink looked dashing in gold and black.

- Barnett, part of the wedding party, should up at the alter with his hands in his pockets. The whole time. Very relaxed. (Later, I would introduce myself to Barnett's parents by saying 'Hi, I'm Lauren, I used to work with Barnett at the Diamondback.' His dad was jokingly like 'which one?' because Mike is one of three brothers. Smooth.)

- A brass quartet played a Beatles song as Kristen walked down the aisle - very cool and nice change from the traditional string quartet playing the wedding march.

- Mink's father read the famous Corinthians verse about love ("Love is patient. Love is kind...") and it brought me to tears.

- Mink and Kristen wrote their own vows. Too sweet and beautiful for words here.

- There were mic problems during the ceremony. I don't care how old grandma is and how bad her hearing is, I don't think I'll mess with mics at my wedding.

- The brass quartet played a roughly two minute song in between Mink and Kristen's personal vows and the traditional Catholic vows so we got a great chance to watch the couple stare lovingly into each others eyes. For roughly two minutes.

- TWO OPEN BARS!!! and I taught Smur what a Dirty Shirley was. She enjoyed.

- We made it inside the reception tent right before it poured. Sat at table 13 and caught up with some of the old DBackers.

- Dinner was three stations, each with a different kind of food from around the world.

- Centerpieces on the tables were columns or bowls of water filled with hot pink orchids and a beta fish with a white light underneath clear peebles.
(An aside: When someone commented on how cool the fish were, Mink's comment was, "Take one if you want it. I saved the receipt so we're taking those suckers back tomorrow.")

- At each of the place setting were fortune cookies which had facts about Mink and Kristen's relationship inside. Mine said "Ryan and Kristen's first date was a 10-hour motorcycle ride." Others included, "When the couple told the Hovens about the engagement, Mrs. Hoven said, 'she's your problem now."; "The couples parents have a combined 68 years of marriage. Thanks for the great example!"

- Kristen is half Chinese and as a Chinese tradition, they had a festival lion head dance through all the dinner tables and you were supposed to feed it money. It's called the Lion Dance and it's supposed to bring the couple good luck.

- The bride and groom danced to a very sweet, upbeat Jason Mraz song, "I'm Yours"...again, different than at normal weddings. I liked it!

(photo credit: pouya dianat)

- A few members of the wedding party and guests used to belong to an a cappella group on campus called the Faux Pax. They performed Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know".

- Two of the bride and groom's friends sang a rhyming limerick about the couple that they had written themselves. It was adorable.

- Later, Mink and Kristen had the ceremonial Sumo-wrestling match. She won. Of course.

(photo credit: pouya dianat)

- I learned a new line dance after going from the Electric Slide, to the Cha-Cha Booty Call, and then finally, the Cupid Shuffle. Ashley went nuts for this and she's much better at it than I am.

- We all got down and dirty to all the great wedding songs, "Shout," "Respect," etc.

- The DBK guys almost got the groom into a mosh pit but it turned into a big group hug.

- Pouya showed off his crazy Russian dance moves (a la Will Ferrill in Elf when he's drunk in the mail room) - how he was able to hop up on his heels and spread out his arms soaring eagle fashion without falling I'll never know.

- Barnett danced on a chair.

- At 11 o'clock exactly, the DJ said, "Alright everyone, last song, last song. Then we're out."

- The last song was "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" - yes, the Lion King version not the Elton John version.


ndc1520 said...
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Erin said...

Cuuuuuute!! You must post a picture of your outfit!!

(just learned what Dirty Shirleys were last summer and they are yummy but I'm always embarrassed to order them haha)

Jess said...

I loved Pouya's pictures! They were amazing! (He had them up on Facebook yesterday lol!)

Looks like it was a blast and a great time!

Love Mink's comment about the fish. I can completely picture him saying it!

Lauren Effron said...

I know it was totally him. He was also really excited to tell his wife that I was where "What The Effron!" came from. I was going to add that but I thought that would be a little pompous of me haha.