Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Obama Is Dropping In The Polls

This stems from a conversation my co-workers and I had this afternoon, so while I contributed I can't take full credit for all of the opinions that sprung this urge to post.

Since Gov. Sarah Palin blasted everyone away with her Veep acceptance speech - more obvious, her lipstick line that is sure to appear on bumper stickers - all attention (and mostly positive) has been buzzing around her and a shadow has been cast over the Obama campaign. That shadow grows darker as reports surfaced that Obama presumably called Sarah Palin "a pig with lipstick."

Obama of course denies this, saying the Republicans are trying to twist his words and in Virginia today said, "Millions of Americans are struggling with health care, we have two wars going on, and this is what they want to talk about?"

Well...yeah. It's what we all rather talk about.

Where the Obama camp is faltering is they're fighting a wildfire with one hose. The McCain campaign has jumped all over him, accusing Obama of saying Palin is incompetent because she's a woman and Obama continues to play mr. nice guy by adding, "well whatever, what's their position on health care?" What sounds more enticing? Sexist pig or health care?

Obama's mistake was not standing up for himself and standing up to his word - regardless of what he meant. What he should have said was, "yes, she is a pig and you know why? Because she believes that abortion should be outlawed to the point where if a 14 year-old girl gets raped and then pregnant, she should be forced to have that child. You know what else? She says she's against community organizers. Well MLK, Jr. was a community organizer. Does Sarah Palin hate black people? She has to be a racist!!!" No instead of matching the Repubs at the amazing mental leap game, he gives the stump and it's making him seem weak and tired.

The irony in that - When the Republicans called Hillary a "pig in a pant suit" there was no talk of sexism. It was passed over because she was a woman running for the presidency, a Clinton, a hardass and therefore fair game. There was talk of, "well if she's crying, she could never handle being the president." Oh the double standard. Does Sarah Palin come off as more human than Hillary, or are the dems too divided to support one another and come roaring back?

Americans care about the issues, but they're tired of learning about them. In Discovery terms, there's a reason why an Animal Planet soap opera about meerkats was one of the biggest money makers in the history of the company and not the sighting of a rare white rhino. Americans want the scandal, not the schooling.

Between now and the VP debates on Oct. 9th, if Obama wants any hope of getting back into the people's spotlight, he's going to have to get off the stump and start rolling in the mud with the rest of them.

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