Thursday, October 16, 2008


My friend Erin had this website in her Facebook profile and I LOVED it so I thought I'd share. It's a much happier topic than taking a hatchet, scalpel, butter knife, what have you, to last night's debate. (To read my brief comments on it, you can read my Twitter feed).

The website is called 3191 because thats how many miles these two professional photographer friends are apart from each other. One lives in Portland, Maine, the other in Portland, Oregon. Their entire project is each taking one photo, every evening, M-F, for a year, without telling each other what they're shooting (using a Nikon d50 for all you camera nerds out there), and then they post it on their "visual" blog.

It's such a simple yet incredible idea, and their photos are gorgeous. Most amazing is when they shoot the same subject.

The two women, Stephanie and Mav, have already published a book called, "A Year of Mornings."

If you're friends with Erin and I on Facebook, then you already know that I've asked her to help me hijack this idea while she's in Korea for the next year. I have two ideas on how to make it our own...

1.) Well, she's in Korea and I'm in D.C. so we're covered there and I was thinking we'd take a photo on Sundays. Sundays are our lazy days unless Erin has to work. Also we're too busy to do this on a regular basis.

2.) Since she's 13 hours ahead of me - so when I'm getting into work, she's going to bed - we could take morning and night photos at the same time. Probably on Sunday.

I'll keep you posted if we go through with it.

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