Monday, October 6, 2008

Biking Germany

Speaking of wishing to be out of America... I have another friend, Thea, who is in Germany now to get her masters in agricultural studies and just sent me the biggest email ever. She just moved there a few weeks ago and she literally set down her boxes after getting off the plane and jumped on a bike with her dad.

And then they biked southern Germany. Even did 110 km in one day!

Below is an image she sent me that maps out their path...

Thanks Google Maps!

She mentions the wind was really cold and they got lost in a few apple fields, but I think I wouldn't mind that either.

Her next adventure was hiking through Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland for four days. I just crack up at Thea's description: "We saw lots of great scenery : snow caped mountains, 25 waterfalls (there are 75 in the valley area), lots of mushrooms, moss and big valleys." Hahaha.

Sigh, yes, another friend to live vicariously through :)

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