Monday, October 27, 2008

Erin and Lauren's New "Visual" Blog is Live!

So Erin and I decided to go through with our photo blog project, and the first post is live! Erin did a beautiful job with the framing too!

Check it out HERE!

The blog is called "3 p.m. on Sunday" because with our crazy schedules and time difference constraints, we thought we would just each take a picture of whatever we were doing at 3 p.m. every Sunday. Other than that, the idea is basically the same as 3191, where we don't tell each other what we're going to take a photo of and we don't discuss or see it until we email each other.

I had to laugh out loud because Erin posted the location of where our photos were taken. Hers is beautiful fall foliage in an exotic park in the heart of South Korea. Mine is what I had left over after I ate an ice cream cone in a mall in across the Potomac. I have a feeling that's going to happen a lot this year.


Erin said...

Hey now, you could have taken a picture of fall foliage too and I could have taken a picture of ice cream.

Because after climbing that mountain, Melissa and I (no joke) ate McDonald's, went shopping and then had Baskin Robbins.

Swear to God.

Lauren Effron said...

HAHA! Love it.