Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Getting Ugly Out There"

That was ABC's Jake Tapper's quick response to how outlandish the McCain/Palin campaign has become.

It's been caught on camera, the shouts of Palin supporters yelling "Terrorist" and "Kill him" when she or McCain mention Obama's name. Reports began surfacing Monday after Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank broke the story and now the Secret Service are considering the shouts a serious threat against the Democratic candidate and are investigating.

Also scary - McCain/Palin supporters have started verbally attacking reporters and cameramen covering the rallies - with racial slurs no less - after Palin targeted Katie Couric and the evil mainstream media at a rally.

The Huffington Post did a nice round-up of the coverage thus far, complete with video. Read it and watch it here.

Democrat or Republican, this is just sick to me and it's holding our country back.

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