Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I just got served

(02:39:42 PM) Me: btw

(02:39:48 PM) Coworker: yes?

(02:40:33 PM) Me: last night i made pulled pork honey bbq sandwiches and rosemary and garlic sweet potatos chips for dinner and i really wanted to call you up and say "BOO YAH!"

(02:42:06 PM) Coworker: well, last night mindy and I had rotisserie chicken in slow-cooked portobello mushrooms, chicken stock and arborio rice. and then I turned 5 lbs of fresh-picked orchard apples into apple crisp. so you can take your boo yah and shove it elsewhere :)

(02:44:26 PM) Me: :( touche.


Dave said...

heh heh... FAIL!

Erin said...

Please come to Korea and cook for me. You'll be a kept woman.