Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today's Mini-Rant on Hipster College Kids

Kasey and I were on Maryland's campus today doing a story for Discovery, and while I was in the middle of shooting, this kid rides up next to me on his 10-speed.

He was lanky and pale. His greasy curls looked like they hadn't been cut or brushed in years. He was wearing ripped skinny jeans, converses, a black hoodie and some garage band t-shirt.

He jumped the curb to come right next to me to say, "Hey! Stop stealing people's souls!"

At first I thought he was being funny so I replied, "Eh. You know how it is. It's for Discovery Channel."

He gasps and yells at me, "So you're stealing people's souls and you're making money off of it?"

Now I'm annoyed. "Yep! Sure am! Now, don't you have someone else you can bother?"

Kid: "Yeaaahhhh, I do." He rides off.

"What a jerk." I said to Kasey, as I kept filming random shots. "Oh man, I thought you knew him!" she replied.

No. In fact, hipster kids who have nothing better to do than to get up all in my grill for no better reason than to feel their heart beat because their skinny jeans are too tight rank right up there with nails on a chalk board. "What does it all mean, man?" It means, if you hate the way I pay my bills, go tell it to your livejournal blog like everyone else.


Adam Z. Winer said...

A much larger rant on Hipsters.

ndc1520 said...


Jess said...

Bahah so freaking true!!!

Erin said...



I'm so fucking over them.



Brandon said...

Am I really this out of touch? What is a hipster? I have never heard of such a thing. Also, what does he mean, stealing people's souls? This person makes very little sense to me. Last time, you called a person a tween- that was confusing too.