Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're Work Moving Again

Admin is moving my team and I to a new desk area again - second time we've moved since I've been at discovery and i've only been here for four months.

Currently, we are on the luxurious 4th floor with big windows looking out over a construction site, meeting rooms, sky lights, high ceilings and snack machines. We're being moved to the 2nd floor which is actually a lie because the "2nd floor" is really a big loft above the cafe on the 1st floor.

My coworker and I just went to check it out. It's like a cemetery. You can only get to it via Staircase To Nowhere, meaning no elevator, it was dead quiet (we only saw two people working), no meeting rooms, no machines - not even a coffee pot, and the ceilings are about three feet above the top of the cube.

I will hear by call it the cave. The cave sucks.

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