Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You Mean "Genius Googles"

One tequila sunrise, you're feeling better. Two tequila sunrises, you're feeling good. Three tequilas, four... and you could be texting your ex saying you still love 'em, absolutely hate 'em, and "what are you doing after?" while your friends giggle and order you another.

Does this happen to you? No worries, Google can be your Mama Bear. For your email account anyways.

ABC News had a story via the Associated Press that reported Google has developed a new feature in their beloved mailing system that can stop you from sending emails while plastered.

The feature, "Mail Googles," automatically kicks on late weekend nights and it forces you to solve basic math problems before it allows you to click send. To quote the AP, "If you can't multiply two times five, you'll probably thank Google in the morning."


The creator Jon Perlow said he made the application after he sent his ex-girlfriend a drunk email asking to get back together. Hmm, I guess even Google engineers are human. Read the full article here.

As most of us do, I happen to have a friend who is guilty of drunk dialing/texting/IMing/emailing, etc. and of course I passed this along to her with a note saying, "You must read this! This is your life!"

Her response... "Now why can't they do that for Gchatting? If they could do THAT, I'd be impressed. Speaking of which, I have a funny story about drunk Gchatting involving an aids test. Remind me to tell you."

Because this is what resulted...

My Friend: on my way back from dinner (where i stole silverware from the restaurant), a bunch of my coworkers were drinking and hanging out on the landing under my floor and made me drink this shit.
11:07 PM

Her Ex: mhmmm. i like where this is going

My Friend: i like where i'm at. drunk.
11:08 PM

Her Ex: nice. don't you have work tomorrow?

My Friend: well. sorta? i think its more orientation stuff and then i have to go to the hospital to get tested for aids and drug use
11:09 PM

Her Ex: hot
11:10 PM

My Friend: yeah so uh, i guess i'll let you know if i have aids or anything? haha.

Her Ex: very nice.


ndc1520 said...

haha, I am sure people will get a lot of use out of this.

On another note, I added an application on gmail that reminds you to add an attachment if you have written anything about attachments in the body of the email. Pretty awesome.

Jess said...

I read about that yesterday too and I think it's hilarious! Now if only such an application had existed for text messaging last year...

Tad said...

do they have one that stops drunk commenting on blogs?

Lauren Effron said...

are you drunk right now?