Monday, November 3, 2008

A Fine Fall Day

After coming off Halloween debauchery...and then spending most of Saturday sleeping, I was dying for some fresh air and exercise.

So Tad and I dragged out the bikes and headed over to the Indian Creek trails near Lake Artemisia. He was very patient with me as he put up with my picture taking. At the risk of sounding like a bird-watching senior citizen, the fall foliage was beautiful and here's what I snapped while riding. I'm kinda impressed with myself because some of these turned out great and I managed not to run into anything.

Getting started... pulling the bike out of the back room and into the yard.

Start of the trail. That's Tad in the red sweatshirt.

Colorful trees

Geese on the lake.

Trail around the lake and running along the metro line.

Sun reflecting on lily pads floating on the lake.

Going deeper into the woods on the trail.

A beautiful view of the fall leaves.

Tad taking it all in... or waiting for me to stop taking photos haha.

Bridge over Indian Creek.

The creek.

The sun setting through the leaves. And the top of Tad's head.

Heron in the creek.

If you look close, you'll see this branch had all the fall colors in it: red, yellow, orange, green, and all the ones in between.


Brandon said...

So when are you and Tad retiring to Florida? It's very rare that a blog entry makes me feel young, but this certainly did.

Erin said...

SO pretty!

Tad said...

is that the top of my head or a small bushy animal? the world may never know.