Sunday, November 9, 2008

Post-Election Relaxation

This past week has taken a physical and mental toll on all of us. I have liberal friends who were out partying in front of the White House until 4am on Nov. 4th, and I have a conservative mother who will only say about the election, "Yeah, well, it is what it is."

In the middle of this monstrous bubble of stress, I took the weekend off and mostly just laid around, catching up on sleep, with the exception of one treat.

My friend Ruth and I just spent the afternoon at True Nail Spa in White Oak getting the "Day of Beauty" package. We thought we had earned it after 22 months. I wasn't able to document my experience with photos like Erin did, but I did manage to sneak one shot for our 3 p.m. on Sunday photo blog.

When our attending staff asked us if we were celebrating a brithday or an engagement, we got some laughs and some looks when we answered, "Nope, just the election and that it's over."

This was my first spa treatment and while it wasn't New York or Georgetown, I did walk out of there in a "so0o0o relaaaaxxxxxed" haze so it was just as good.

After having my feet sugar-scrubed, and toes files and painted, I had a hand paraffin wax treatment which my attending woman, Amy, left on for half an hour while she did my "European" facial. Several hours later, my hands are still velvet soft.

The facial was intense. I had my eyes closed for most of it, but I felt several different lotions and oils, and then pain as Amy apologized over and over for "cleaning out" my pores. I have to give her this, although red and splotchy, my face has never looked shinier or smoother.

She made up for it afterwards with a full body hot stone massage, which was an imcredible feeling. She moved the stones very quickly so not to blister my skin - as she said would happen if she went slower - but the hot touch relaxed and woke my muscles up at the same time. I'm not sure how else to describe it except that when she would ask me questions like, "too hot?" or "how's the pressure?" I could only mumble out a "mm hmm." It's possible I dozed off.

Feeling a little oily but comfortable, Amy finished me up with a manicure, and bam, three hours later, I felt like a whole new woman.

I have to be careful, because I may have woken up an expensive Pandora's Box, and Amy was so kind to encourage it by telling me I need to come back once a month to have my pores cleaned. I'm not sure that's going to fit in the budget, but I'm probbably going to find a lot more excuses to need pampering from now on.


Brandon said...

I thought the treat this weekend was coming to visit me. I guess I was mistaken....

Lauren Effron said...

stop leaving sad comments on my blog, brandon!

Jess said...

So after I find a place to live in DC in the next two weeks I'm going to need some serious relaxation...and a buddy to do it with....I think I'll sign you up hahaha

(P.S. I'm only half kidding)