Monday, December 8, 2008

New Update on 3pm on Sunday Blog!

Erin is awesome and continues to update our visual blog for us:

Reason why her photos look more interesting than mine: She's in Seoul, Korea, and I am not. Although she did tell me she almost had to take a photo of her Dunkin' Donuts coffee but the changing of the guard at the Deoksu Palace saved her last minute.

The basic gist: We each take a photo of what we're doing/seeing at 3 p.m. every Sunday from (quite literally) worlds apart. Neither of us have super cool cameras so it's not something we plan to do anything with i.e. a book, but it's been a really awesome and different way to keep in touch.

We started the blog at the end of October so we've kept it up for over a month now. I have to say that it has forced me to make plans or try to be active on Sundays - a good thing! It's gotten to the point where I'll say to Tad, "Hey, let's go bike riding on Sunday" or "Let's go walk around D.C. on Sunday." His usual response is, "That sounds... wait you just want something for your blog don't you."


Tad said...

you + erin = one unholy love of upclose photography

Erin said...

We love our macro focus.

Jess said...

hahaha Tad's reaction is hilarious!