Saturday, December 27, 2008


After spending the past few days laid up with tea, pureed pasta and four bottles of various medications, I am slowly chewing back into the world of solid foods and technology. I thought instead of repeating my story with phone calls - thanks so much to all of you who called to check up on me, I really appreciate it! - I thought I'd throw in a blog entry.

Not burying the lede, the surgery to remove "the bolt" went well and my doctor seemed pleased with how "the bolt" came out. They put some sort of graphite chips into the hole to help my bone fuse back together, stitched me closed and I have a follow-up on the 6th. The topic of conversation at the dinner table of late has been, "thank god you didn't have this happen 50 years ago," and trust me, I am grateful.

The whole procedure was unnerving from the start because my oral surgeon got me into the chair at 7 am on Tuesday, said, "hmmm, I think I need to take another x-ray just to be sure," and then came back and said, "yep, this bolt is sitting right on the nerves in the jaw. We're going to have to put you under because this is going to be a lot more painful than we thought. Can you come back at 1 pm?"

Sure thing.

So back for round two I must have been a hilarious patient. As the doc slowly increased my IV drip, he asked me, "you took off from work for the whole day, right?" I answered yes and was in the middle of explaining how the only plans I had that day was to lay in bed and watch West Wing..."You know," I said to him as I started to feel warm and tingly, "Joshua Lyman is modeled after Rahm Emmannnuuuuelllll...."

The next thing I knew, I was being stitched up and told to go wait in recovery. I hope Rahm Emmanuel appreciates that he was in my final thoughts before going under and I've decided that one day, I'll tell him so. One day.

So now a couple of days later, I'm resting at home on the Shore, grateful I had saved up my vacation days so I'm off until Jan. 4th, and every day I'm feeling a little less like my mouth got hit by a dump truck. Nothing like Mom's crab cakes and mashed potatoes to get my strength back. Percocet every four hours has also been delightful - you should have seen me trying to wrap Christmas presents. Tape dispensers can be very confusing when under the influence.

Still very loopy and chipmunk-like, I made it through the Christmas holiday and have already finished two seasons of West Wing and a book. I had a dream last night that I was a candle maker in London and so something tells me my restless soul won't be able to sit on the couch much longer. I'm still hoping to fit in a snowboarding trip, after all.

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