Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bathroom Antics and Other Stories

If there's one thing Discovery knows how to do, it's marketing, but you know when desperate measures are taken during desperate times when the company starts marketing their shows to their own employees.

Sure, the posters on the wall at the office will get switched for Shark Week and Whale Wars, but for TLC's Miss America: Countdown to the Crown series - they've up the ante.

To demonstrate, I take you into Discovery's ladies room...

The marketing elves came in the dead of night to stick window-decal-esqe crowns on all the bathroom mirrors, so when you go to wash your hands your head fits neatly underneath the crown (if you're 5'8") and you too can imagine what it would be like to give the infamous "World Peace" answer.

The slogan for the series - "First meet them, then JUDGE THEM!" So America is voting on the winning contestant this year, but first you have walk a mile in their high-heeled shoes. What isn't an American Idol rip-off these days?

In other news... I did manage to pull through the tooth pain and Percocet haze to hit the slopes over New Years with Tad. See smug snowboarding photo...

No action shots because after spending almost two hours in the rental line, Tad and I decided not to waste any more time. It was so crowded we only got in five runs before Camelback closed - although I was content with leaving at that point. My butt was sore for almost a week!

I spent this week getting back into the normal work groove and man oh man were things crazy. We're getting ready to launch a new site and I'm supposedly getting a new desk at headquarters... lots of movin' and shakin' within the company, but nothing more I can talk about at the moment.

And finally, check back tomorrow for an update to Erin and my visual photo blog, 3 p.m. on Sunday.

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Erin said...

I guess they're trying anything to up the ratings on Miss America. Isn't the "training" and whatever now a reality show on Discovery/TLC/something? -- at least, it was last year...