Thursday, January 22, 2009

"High Taxes, High Budgets and High-Fives"

I wasn't able to be on the Mall for inauguration. I wasn't able to leave my house. I was working, working from home to avoid what I thought would be enormous traffic jams making my morning commute impossible. We have a huge project launching tomorrow so I was sitting on a company-loaned laptop crackin' away to get it ready.

We had it on the tube the whole time though, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. that counts a little bit, right?

To make myself feel better, I've tried to stay off Facebook, Twitter, Gchat, Email, my phone to avoid photos and message of friends in ski gear and ball gowns, but technology has gotten the best of me and I have seen it all and heard it all on all of those platforms. Now, I fear I'm suffering from the sickness I feared I would catch - jealousy and disappiontment.

Ah well, I was working, and they closed down my metro station by 9 a.m. for crowd control, so I did the best I could from my couch and beamed with pride to be an American with the rest of the 3.6 million on the Mall. It's not to take away from the importance of the event - trust me, I wish I could have experienced the madness first hand.

I'll get down there for the first woman president. I suspect that'll be the next big crowd pull.

To cheer myself, and anyone who sat at home on Tuesday, I present this. All you Marylanders, wait for the Steny and Ben high-five!!! Though, I think the scene when Newt Gingrich is trying to hail a cab is the best.


Erin said...

Apparently there was like ZERO traffic on 495. My mom thought she might not be able to make it in but she said it was actually faster than usual because the federal government was closed. Huh.

ndc1520 said...

oh, how I wish people would just take the metro every day.

Lauren, meet me on the Mall in 2013. I know a good spot.