Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's been a while since I've seen ice like this in Maryland...

This is just the windshield, but my whole car was bathed in ice like this when I walked out the door this morning. I had to chip away ice just to open the door.

Although blurry, you can see how thick it was... I'm guessing about 2/10 of an inch.

Also interesting... The New York Times had a piece that read for the first time ever, some scientists studied the effects of hot liquids on cold/flu symptoms. Before, there had only been studies on the effects of hot foods. I was more surprised to learn that the study was conducted only a few weeks ago rather than the results: yes, hot liquids can make you feel better when fighting colds.

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ndc1520 said...

i could go for some ice-cold sweet tea right about now.