Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moving On Up!

So here's the new desk in Discovery headquarters, with an almost view out the window if I stand up and look over my cube wall to the west. Exciting!

This will be the third desk I've moved to since I've been with the company, but this time it's an upgrade: A whole cube! Complete with a locker! Not a half cube like I had been sitting in.

And yes, I am important enough to have two computers - one's a PC and one's a Mac. Reason: I'm really not that important just some programs we use for Discovery run on a Mac and some run on a PC. Nevertheless, I do usually look pretty important.

It's a whole different feeling over here than in the old building - a lot more people, a lot more going on, a lot more busy. I'm so glad not to be in the cave anymore, and even more pleased to be multiple floors away from the cafe. We made the move so that our digital media team would be on the same floor - more or less, at least in the same building - with the rest of the company's digital team.

Some guy with a big, swanky office (I mean real office, with a TV and everything, not a cube) next to me came into my cube and said, "Did you really just move in today? Wow. I've been in my office for over a year now and your space looks a lot more homey than mine. That's sad."

And for a Work Quote of the Day: "Well that 100-character limit totally sucks."


AZWiner said...

wow. a little jealous.

and the margaritaville sign makes me laugh. you would, haha.

Erin said...

Fun!! Yes, the cafe is definitely worth moving into the main building. :P

Tad said...