Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun Web Word Toy!

The site is called and it takes text and automatically generates the words in different font sizes, based on how often the words are used in a piece.

They used their cool text cloud tool to do a really fascinating comparison of past presidential inauguration speeches. New York Times uses it all the time, especially during the 2008 primary stump speeches of the different candidates.

I inserted my spa post into try it out and I thought it was kind of funny. (See above) The tiny, tiny word on the bottom right says "cinnabuns."

Here's what the top story on the Washington Post at 3 p.m., Federal Reserve Leaves Target Rate Unchanged, looked like just for some perspective (or maybe I just like playing with the thing).


Brandon said...

Check out the wordle for my blog

Brandon said...

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Lauren Effron said...

hahahah awww