Thursday, February 5, 2009

I can't get over how popular this is...

The "25 Random Things About Me" Note swept through Facebook this week and TIME reports over five million people contributed their random facts (guilty here too, but that was before I read the story.)

Now, Facebook has 200 million users to date, but still! OVER FIVE MILLION PEOPLE?!?!? That's gotta be the largest online social networking group participation ever.

When I got seven email alerts from Facebook - and that was just yesterday! - saying, "So and so has tagged you in a note. '25 Random Thi..." I knew it was only a matter of time before someone picked it up as a story. I don't know whether to be disappointed, sad, bored or in awe.

I do think Claire Suddath was right on when she mentioned her "25 facts I wish people hadn't told me about themselves." It's definitely true that I could have done without knowing my little sister's sleeping habits or reading several married coworkers thoughts on their spouses. Ugh, sucks the fun right out of it.

Conforming with the rest of them, I tried to keep mine light-hearted...

1. I tend to despise emails/FB notes that tell me to participate in chain mail, but I thought, just this once, what the hell.

2. I cannot live without sourdough pretzels as a snack. They always pull me through the toughest hunger headaches. I find that Herr has the best brand.

3. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, but I really like country music. A lot. I grew up listening to Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood and Mary Chapin Carpenter, but sometimes I'll even shamelessly rock out to HORRIBLE contemporary songs like "Redneck Yacht Club" but I'll never admit that out loud.

4. For my creative writing thesis, I wrote a musical using only Mary Chapin Carpenter songs in three days. I have a citation (it's a step below a minor) in Prose.

5. I'm very allergic to cherries - both real and as artificial flavoring.

6. I've climbed Mount Vesuvius. If you ask the guide where the bathroom is once you get to the top, he'll point to the smoldering crater.

7. I absolutely HATE long distance running. I'll run suicides forever before I'll run the mile.

8. I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland but I didn't learn how to pick a crab until I was 16. It still makes me feel sick to this day.

9. I love to bake and cook big dinner meals. I'll often spend a lot of time picking out recipes from cookbooks and Food and plan out my dinner schedule for the week.

10. I like to twirl. I used to only want to wear long skirts when I was little so that I could twirl in them.

11. My favorite movies as a kid were Mary Poppins and The King and I (1956).

12. My dad is a Jew (Polish decent) from Chattanooga, knows BBQ and says things like "britches" for pants and "hunny." My mom is Irish Protestant, from Pittsburgh, knows apple pie and says things like "did you stove your finger?" for "did you jam your finger?". It was an interesting childhood.

13. I really hate being scared and I have this unnatural fear where I can't look at mirrors in the dark.

14. I could have been a doctor if veins didn't freak me out so much.

15. My vacation goal is to save up enough money to visit a new faraway place once a year. This year, I'm hoping to make it to South Korea.

16. My parents were told the same thing every year at parent-teacher conferences: "Great kid. Smart. Has good grades. Does her work on time. Talks way too much and can be really hyper."

17. I have a hard time not being bossy and opinionated. Often my boyfriend will mutter, "Ugh, women."

18. My signature move in tennis is my volley. I earned the nickname "Ginsu" on my high school tennis team because they said my arms moved like a Japanese knife expert at the net.

19. The random blonde streaks in my dark brown hair are natural. They come from a birth mark on my scalp.

20. Sometimes I'm secretly excited when it rains on weekends so I don't feel guilty about staying in bed and watching movies.

21. I really, really, really want to get a tattoo, but then I start thinking about all the different things I'd consider getting and end up believing none of them are significant enough to be on my body forever.

22. If I had to choose between feeling really cold or really hot, I'd always pick hot. When I'm cold, I shut down.

23. It's really rare that I'll go back and reread a book. I feel there are too many glorious works out there I haven't read yet to go back.

24. I like climbing things - countertops, trees, mountains, - I think I just really like being high up.

25. Like the octopus, I die a little inside when I'm bored and have to constantly find things to keep me entertained, even if it means cleaning.

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