Monday, March 23, 2009

Alaska blows up, another Feedbag podcast and "It's Britney, Bitch"

After a relaxing weekend back at home on the Shore, I came into work to an explosion on my desk. Mount Redoubt, an active volcano in a Alaska, finally erupted after scientists had been analyzing, waiting and reanalyzing for months and then the monster had the indecency of blowing its stack on a Sunday night when all were asleep and couldn't capture any photos. We scrambled to put together a website on it and with much back-and-forth produced a voluptuous volcano package.

Here's the full story. And below a "webicorder" readout from the Alaska Volcano Observatory (what a cool place to work, no?) of what the Redoubt eruption shocks looked like:

In other news, for all my Discovery Friday News Feedbag fans, I was on another Feedbag podcast last week which you can list to HERE. This week I'M HOSTING! Should be wwwiiilllldddd. Actually it should be rough since I've never hosted before, but Will's on vacation so I'm stepping up to the plate.

Okay, that's enough of showing off my dork factor. Here's my weekend recap:
Drove to my parents house on the Shore. Swooned over my mother's adorable dog. Slept. Went for a walk with my sister. Sat in the hot tub. Watched TV. Drove to Tad's (he was home for spring break). Saw "I Love You, Man" (cute! go see it!). Watched TV. Drove to my parents house. Swooned over my mother's adorable dog. Slept. Sat in the hot tub. Went out to lunch. Went shopping. Fought with my sister over what prom dress she should wear. Slept. Drove back to my house near DC. Good weekend.

And the grande finale... I'm going to the Britney Spear's Circus concert tomorrow night. I thought it was best just to throw it out there so the shock hits you all at once. It's rare that I'm terrified and terribly excited at the same time but it's supposed to be an insane show so I'm pumped! After all, "it's Britney, bitch" and oops, she's doing it again.

Photos of the sheer madness (pending on how true the rumors are of this concert earning an X-rating) will be posted later.

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