Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Britney Post

"You? ... uhh really? ... why? ... really? ... was it awesome?" That's been the typical response I get after I tell people I was at the Britney Spears Circus tour concert on Tuesday night.

With a front page spread on the Washington Post carrying the headline, "Britney Rules 'Circus' Ring with the Greatest of Tease" it's no wonder I got a few raised eyebrows since I'm writing this in a GAP cardigan as we speak.

Don't be fooled, I didn't camp out for tickets. I wasn't in line hours before the show, and I didn't buy a tour t-shirt (I wanted the one that said "You Want a Piece of Me" in red glitter so badly but I couldn't justify buying a t-shirt that cost almost as much as my ticket.) However, I was so excited - and albeit scared - that I found it hard to sit still and not stop listening to Brit-Brit throughout the work day.

My coworker Kasey-Dee and I left work around 6 p.m. headed down to Chinatown to meet up with a gaggle of her gay friends at Fado. After running into multiple groups of ten-year olds girls AND BOYS that were either dressed like slutty catholic school girls or rejects from a Richard Simmons workout video, we both needed a drink. Okay five.

Feeling that knocking a few back with good friends who "were more excited for Britney than for Madonna" was a better use of our time that seeing Pussycat Dolls, we polished off a few lemon drops and sandwiches and headed over to Verizon Center around 9.

Our timing was perfect - by the time Kasey and I climbed to our section 400 seats they had finished setting up for Britney and an enormous jumbo-tron of a "fat lady" in drag introduced the one. The only.

What happened over the next two hours is difficult to put into words because it wasn't a concert. It was a circus - complete with three ringed stages, midgets, acrobatics and Ms. Spears descending from the ceiling in a sequined ring leader jacket and diamond encrusted black leather whip. Flashes from her shaved head, umbrella welding and baby dropping days were gone. She was now back in her proper queen of pop throne... or as Tad puts it "her proper ho-full state."

From pasties to policewoman there were multiple costume changes, stunt bikes, singing "Sometimes" while sitting on a giant umbrella, two cage dances are just some other things worth mentioning. Oh yeah and "CIRCUS," "BOYS," "GIMMIE MORE," "IF YOU SEEK AMY," "TOXIC" AND "HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME" wrapping up with "WOMANIZER" before calmly taking a bow and walking off stage - nothing at all like her explosive entrance. You better believe Kasey and I out-danced any middle schooler (and their moms) sitting in my section.

We screamed and went wild. Britney sang and randomly said "Merry Christmas," "Do Si Do, Swing Your Partner" and went wild. Hell yeah it was awesome! (Complete photo collection on Facebook).


Erin said...

There's a video on YT of the DC concert where she announces she pissed her pants on-stage.

That's Brit-Brit for ya! All class, all the way.

(glad you had fun haha)

Jess said...

Hahaha woooow! I'm glad you had fun lol!

Lauren Effron said...

I missed the pissing you pants part!!! I did hear her say "Merry Christmas" though. It was weird and wonderful all at once.

Tad said...

if by weird and wonderful you mean "cracked out" then it sounds about right