Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not my best foot forward

I had a hilarious and slightly mortifying thing happen to me this morning. Although at the end of the day, it's just shoes.

My routine on a workday is to drive from my house to Silver Spring, park my car in the garage at the old Discovery building and walk to headquarters. I tell myself that the 15 minute walk to headquarters and back everyday, which totals 30 minutes of walking, is a sufficient cardio workout. And what sort of footwear does the average person don when she works out? Tennis shoes.

From my porch to my desk, I make the drive and the walk in tennis shoes for really not other reason than I can walk faster in tennis shoes than in heels and I also tell myself that I'm delaying the inevitable bunion problem. When I get to my desk, I switch into work shoes: boots, heels, flats, whatever.

Kasey makes fun of me all the time for wearing my white and red Adidas with black dress pants, grey dress pants, dark dress jeans, skirts, dresses, when I walk to work but I always wave her off and say I'm much more comfortable this way. Well today she won because I got all the way to the little park by the old Discovery building before realizing I had left my work shoes in the car. I turned around and got an additional 20 feet before I realized I had forgotten my work shoes entirely - a first!

Today, I'm wearing a long blue sweater, black pants and white and red Adidas so I look like a young professional who's had foot surgery. Even though Kasey is out sick today, I can almost hear her laughing at me and saying, "I told you! I told you you should just suck it up, look cute and wear your work shoes the whole time," even though when I texted her to save me, she texted me back saying I could steal the shoes she had at her desk to get me through the day. She is the fashion guru and I love her for it.

Perhaps I can slip out to the DSW down the street at lunch time...

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Jess said...

Haha I do the same thing because I have a pretty far walk from the metro to work. Haven't yet forgotten my work shoes though.